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What are your best "almost" or "if only.." photographs?

Tue, 29 Jul 2014 08:07:10 -0700

I live in Norway and love trying to photograph lightning. Therein lies a rather big problem: A proper thunderstorm in Norway is very, very rare.. Last night there was a bit of thunder some distance away from here. It was not really dark enough outside either, so the conditions were hardly optimal. With no special gear to capture lightning besides using a really long shutter and blind luck, I took about 100 shots before I actually got a hit. I was so excited to check how the image turned out, and got this shot... The image is cropped out to make the best of it, but goddamn that tree! I get about one evening to try something like this every four years or so, so it really pissed me off more than it should :p

And that made me think: This shit happens like all the time in almost any type of photography that bases itself of the randomness of our surrounding world. So what are your pictures that could have been very good if only some random element in your shot would have played out differently?

EDIT: Some words..

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  1. Why was +Dom Bower wielding what looked like a light saber at one point in this video?. Did he think he was auditioning for a part in the next Star Wars movie lol

  2. best one ever, watched whole thing for third time, funny and super informative, you guys really need to invite more fun people. and also totally dont understand why people afarid about butts. you know matt granger from australia doing nude photography right? btw i just found out that i maybe live very close to him.

  3. Hi +Tony Northrup , Great books SDP and PBG. I have a 7D mark ii ( great camera, and great review video thanks ) I am looking for a wide angle lens for crop sensor and I have been looking for some comparisons. It would be great if you could do a video on it. Options that I m considering are Sigma 10-20 f3.5 and Canon 10-22 f3.5-4.5. or others that you find better in this category.

  4. Those two fake windows look like the other end of the kitchen.  Check the reflection in the mirror (refrigerator) and the pattern of the flooring.  The, not very well informed on composition, "photographer"  is probably just trying to show the room has an eat-in-kitchen area.

  5. +Ross Gumbrell you clearly missed the massive point i was making. This is about Realestate Photography. NOT Architectural or interior design photography. I am pretty sure i mentioned that a number of times.

  6. I once had so much respect for these two but then they decided to allow that Scottish buffoon on their little video show and killed it for me… Alcohol + Scottish male = instant asshole ..UNSUBSCRIBED !

  7. As entertaining as I found the episode, I could not disagree more with some of Dom's points. Really disappointing advice there, especially on the subject of tilt shifts. I'm sure other respectable interiors and architecture photographers would agree with me. Try shooting a £2m+ house with high ceilings and wooden beams without a tilt shift, errrrrrrr no. Suppose it depends how much you charge.

  8. Loved Dom! He is a knowledgable photographer and gave useful info on the topic of real estate photography. He was fun and down to earth, as well as funny. Let's be honest, he didn't show anything that I wouldn't see on any beach in America. My kids have seen more offensive attire at an amusement park. While he is "eccentric" by our standards, he is still an excellent teacher and brings the fun back into what might be considered a boring profession. Please invite him back!! LOVE the refreshingly fun attitude!! 

  9. Been a fan of Dom for a long time learned a lot from his videos and found the fact he was not a self serious tool like some a huge help in watching him.
    Chelsea and Tony also have that down to earth non self indulgent way about them, they offer very knowledgeable and informative videos BUT I think Dom has turned into a bit of a fool, its very disrespectful to be drunk when asked to offer advice on a subject on another persons vieo. Drunken Dom seems to be a more frequent occurrence these days and I find that very sad, not sure if I had property to sell he would be my port of call.
    Sort yourself out Dom!

  10. Why would I want to believe anything your guest says if he claims he's drunk during interview (more than once)?  It also hurts your shows reputation.  After listening to first few minutes of this program, there was really no interesting Real Estate Photograhy WOW factor substance.  Hard to believe 16,000 people would watch the whole show.

  11. Love the "live" idea. But When does the show start again? is it 5 pm EST? I live in Norway so a few hours behind here.

  12. What a fine piece of entertainment! 😀

    Muppets' Animal paying a vistit to Barbie and Ken. No offense, just love the contrast!

  13. Tony and Chelsea are like the fine wine of photography reviews, whereas Dom Bower is more like a rufie laced beer with a cigarette butt in it…….Funny none the less :P

  14. Well, I was having 4 canon cameras and changed to Pentax and cant b sorry for it cause it rules. If you give me your mail I'll send you a raw rom my pentax wich in fact its terribly subexpossed and can send you my result too.

  15. Haha, I laughed out loud to the bad bathroom pic comments. And when Dom got up to close the cabinet, hahaha. What a fun and informative show!!

  16. Best show with the best guest so far! Such a vivid talk. Thank you! Greetings from Germany.
    PS: I think I'll never understand why Americans are so afraid of showing naked parts of the body (giving life, nature) vs. their gun policy (taking life, artificial), but that's another discussion. Just wanted to mention it that you know that in other countries no one thinks bad about Dom's behavior but takes it as a joke (how it was meant by him). Don't be afraid of your own show.

  17. Dom is excellent, entertaining and tells it how it is!
    Great to see Siobhan back….and looking fab (hot!)
    Best show for a while.

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